La'Quesha F.​​

​HIIT- I am a certified fitness trainer. I teach a variety of classes from boot camp to yoga and everything in between. I work with people from all ages and fitness levels whether its beginners or the more advanced.  I also have my own business calledGET FIT STAY FIT. I enjoy working with people to help them achieve their desired results and look forward to meeting new people. High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), is a form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Mondays 9am & Tuesdays @ Noon (ULTIMATE LUNCH FAT BURN)

Beverly H.

YOGA- ​I am a recent graduate from Trailhead Healing Arts Center. I have been involved with yoga on and off for over 15 years. There is something about yoga that speaks to everyone!!  Looking forward to sharing  all of the great things Yoga has to offer.(SATURDAY MORNINGS 7:45-9:00A.M class starts promptly at 8)


  • KICKBOX CARDIO (instructor needed)

Diana W.

YOGA- I have been teaching yoga for 5 years. I have completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training through Trailhead Healing Arts Center. Wednesday evenings @6pm (bring a mat if you have one) 



Yoga- ​I've been a practitioner of yoga for more than 20 years. I started teaching myself yoga at 15 in order to alleviate some health issues, and I've been practicing ever since. I have taught classes for children and adults since 2011 at the YMCA, St. Patrick's school, The Spot Nutrition and private sessions. I not only believe in but have personally experienced what yoga can do for your body and your mind. I tailor the practice each week to whomever attends and what their personal needs are. I give modifications for beginners and more challenging options for more seasoned practitioners.

Brandon T.

Core Class-We focus on the balanced development of the deep and superficial muscles that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of the body, especially the abdominal and muscles of the back.Saturdays @ 11am & Sundays @ Noon

Fat Shred-Join us for a great full body blast that will accommodate any and all fitness levels, while allowing you to work out at your own pace. This workout is a combination of exercises that will tone, build muscle, and most importantly BURN LOTS OF CALORIES! Saturdays @ Noon & Sundays @ 2pm


  • YOGA
  • HIIT
  • ​CORE

Currently Interviewing

Certified Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers & Yoga Instructors

$$$-Excellent Compensation Plans-$$$

  • HIP HOP CARDIO (inst-needed)
  • HULA HOOP   (inst-needed)
  • Zumba® Class

Kayla S.

Holy Yoga Instructor (R-HYI)
I am a certified 225 hour holy yoga instructor (R-HYI) through a company called Holy Yoga. I have been teaching on and off for two years. I teach Gentle Flow, Slow Flow, Power Flow, and Level 1/2 yoga. I also specialize in pre/postnatal yoga. I have taught public and private sessions.